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From Amsterdam to Dubai

As a bass player I play with Tim Akkerman & The Ivy League and SESSION.

I'd like to lay a solid foundation for the band. But don't worry, I make myself heard too...

Foto: Photorik
Foto: Capribee
Foto: Capribee
Foto: Shui fan
Foto: Photorik
Foto: Photorik
Foto: Photorik
Foto: Capribee
Foto: Capribee
Basgitarist, sessiebassist
Foto: Photorik

Hear me play with Tim Dawn:

Some Of My Bass Guitars

Guild Starfire Bass

In cherry red. A beautiful hollow body shortscale bass with flatwounds that plays like a charm. 

Rebel Relic Telebass

For that vintage P-sound: custom build for me by Rebel Relic in Amsterdam

Fender Jazz Bass 1978

My choice for allround purposes. It’s a heavy bass and hass a great tone.

Hofner Galaxy HCT

Shortscale, with flatwounds. My secret weapon for recording. Don’t tell anyone!

Höfner Contemperary 500

For when you want that Makka sound

Upright Bass

My German-built upright bass from the 1970’s

Fender Jazz Bass Fretless 2007

Frets are overrated. I bought this bass in 2007 and I had it made fretless a while ago. It currently has roundwound strings, but also sounds killer with flatwounds.

Sire V7 Alder-5 AWH

My allround bass, it plays and sounds fantastic, and it is very versatile.