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As a composer, my objective is to create sincere music that establishes an emotional connection with the listener. I have a predilection for instruments that possess distinctive qualities, such as the acoustic guitar, violin, and other string instruments, which frequently serve as the basis for my compositions.


Upon completion of my studies at the conservatory in Utrecht, I embarked on a career as a bassist aboard cruise ships for several years, which is where my passion for composing and producing music flourished. Equipped with a laptop, interface, and microphone, I began collaborating with fellow musicians onboard to create music.

Upon returning to the Netherlands, I continued to hone my skills in a multitude of areas, including musicianship, composition, production, and mixing.


In 2018, I began my tenure at Soundstripe, a publishing company based in Nashville. Every month, I created multiple tracks for their platform, which resulted in significant growth and development in various areas. Not only did I progress as a composer, but I also enhanced my efficiency and improved my mixing skills.

Moreover, I broadened my stylistic range, creating music that ranged from acoustic-cinematic to commercial tracks featuring ukuleles or horn players, and from light-hearted tunes for romantic comedies to heavy rock tracks. The music I produced for Soundstripe has been featured worldwide in television programs, documentaries, and commercials.

Thriving creativly

My studio, located in de Bilt, The Netherlands, is where I thrive creatively. It provides me with the freedom to take risks, make mistakes, and explore new ideas. I am able to fully express my artistic vision and push my boundaries.

The flexibility and autonomy of my studio allows me to create and mix music in a manner that suits me best. It is a space where I am able to be my true self and let my creativity flow. Above all, my music studio is where I can wholeheartedly embrace my artistic side and produce music that truly reflects my identity.