As a composer I like to make honest music with which I aim to connect to the listener on an emotional level. I like instruments with character such as acoustic guitar, violin or other string instruments and these are often the starting point in my compositions.

Cruise ships

After graduating from the conservatory in Utrecht, I worked for a few years as a bassist on cruise ships, and there I quickly developed my love for composing and producing music. Armed with a laptop, an interface and a microphone, I started making music together with the musicians I encountered on board.

Back in the Netherlands I further developed my skills in various areas: as a musician and composer, but also as a producer and mixer.


In 2018, I started working for Soundstripe, a Nashville-based publisher. For them I made a number of tracks every month. This has led to development and growth in various areas: I not only made great strides as a composer, I started to work more efficiently and my mixes also started to sound better. In addition, I started working more and more in various styles: from acoustic-cinematic, to commercial tracks with ukulele or horn players, and from light-hearted music for a romantic comedy to a heavy rock track. For Soundstripe I made music that can be heard worldwide in TV programs, documentaries and commercials.


In 2021 I had my studio designed and built it myself. With PSI speakers and a calibrated listening room I can now really rely on what I hear and I have been able to make another big step in my productions and in the mixes I deliver.