My music



Music for Film

I compose music that captures the atmosphere of independent movies, romantic comedies and commercials. Wether it’s cute, charming, quirky, uplifting or dramatic, it’s all about supporting the images to touch the viewer. I use a lot of acoustic instruments like guitar, ukulele, mandolin and bells like a glockenspiel.

Electronic Music

I produce electronic music, from Ibiza style chill out lounge, to electro swing:

If I make it, it will always sound organic and vivid

Production Music

I am a composer for production music for media. I’m specialized in electronic music with a 30’s twist (electro-swing), upbeat and downtempo chillout lounge with groovt improvised jazz licks, and quirky pop music


About me


My name is Sander, and I compose. All day. Yes, even when I'm sleeping. Feel free to get in touch, let me know about your media project, and if you like we'll discuss over coffee how we can help each other.



Give me a shout and let me know about the project you're working on!


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